About London

London is one of the most exciting cities in the world, and – year after year – the target of millions of tourists. The charm of the city and the “British way of life” has travellers quickly under its spell. London wows you with its diversity. Whatever your interests are – you will definitely strike in London! The history of the capital of England can be experienced up close in several settings, such as at the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace or Westminster Abbey.

A plethora of museums, foremost the British Museum, attract all art fans of all époques. The multifaceted city allures you with a unique entertainment programme: a just about unlimited range of culture offers a huge selection of leisure activities for every traveller. Theatre, opera, musicals or rock/pop concerts – there is something for every taste!

Whether during the day you roam the small streets of China town, the shopping miles of Oxford Street or the long parkways of Hyde Park – or visit the world famous night life of the countless pubs and clubs in Soho – where else can you better “experience” the English language than in the heart of London?

Aktivitäten in London

One of the best sources for London events is the weekly magazine „Time Out“. This city magazine has something for everyone and will keep you up-to-date about which events are currently taking place in London. You can read the magazine on the internet at London Time Out.


London is home to over 300 different museums and many do not ask for an entrance fee, such as e.g. the “British Museum”, the “Natural History Museum”, the “Tate Modern” and the “Victoria and Albert Museum”. Several other museums offer free entry after 16:30, e.g. the “Imperial War Museum”, the “Museum of London”, the Tate Gallery and the “Science Museum”

„Clubs and Pubs“
They are an important component of British culture. You must be 18 to buy alcohol and many clubs only allow entry at 21. Some clubs only allow entry if you do not wear trainers and jeans. Most pubs close at 23:00; after that many people go to clubs or a bar which is open later. Clubs often have an entrance fee and the drinks are often more expensive than in pubs. Only in certain cases would you buy drinks just for yourself when you go out with acquaintances; instead you usually each get a round in. Tips are not necessary in clubs and pubs.

There are few cities on the planet with as many parks as London! In good weather the Londoners use every opportunity to take in the sun and enjoy the fresh air. Most parks are open from sunrise to sunset. The “Royal Parks” are namely Kensington Garden W8, Regent’s Park NW1, and “St James’ and Green Park” SW1. Others outside of zone 1 are “Hampstead Heath” NW3, “Wimbledon Common” SW19 and Alexandra Park N22.

Religious Institutes
If you require information about the many religious societies in London then please ask at reception at school or read the information of the notice board on the the 3rd floor of the school.

Shopping Trips
Most shops are open Mondays-Fridays from 09:00-18:00 and many are also open on Sundays. Furniture and electronic appliances are sold in Tottenham Court Road, Haute-Couture in Regent Street, fashion items in Oxford Street and books in Charing Cross Road. In Covent Garden there are many interesting independent shops and one of the jumble sales of London. King’s Road in Chelsea is also famous for its fashion boutiques and furniture houses; and where Camden Town mostly attracts the young with its trendy fashion and music shops, Knightsbridge with Harrods and other luxury department stores offer the more exclusive items.

Jumble sales and flea markets
They are not only interesting places to go shopping for less, but they will also help you casually discover different “corners” of the city. The most famous jumble sales and flea markets are Camden (Thurs to Sat: 09:00 -17:00), Portobello Road (daily: 08:00-19:00; apart from Thursday: 08:00-13:00), Petticoat Lane (apart from Sat., daily 08:00-14:00) and Spittlefields (Sundays: 09:00-16:00).

Other main attractions
Free entry: Museum of London, National Gallery, “Changing of the Guard” at Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral and much more.
Charged entry: Tower Bridge, London Eye, London Aquarium, London Zoo, the Botanical Garden, Wimbledon Tennis Club, Madame Tussauds Wax Figures, the Tower of London and much, much more.

For more information concerning free or discounted entry: LondonPass
Please also turn to the school to receive more information and order tickets.

Öffentlicher Nahverkehr

The cheapest way to get around London is the buses and the London underground. London is divided into 6 zones (see the map). Our school in located in zone 1 near the underground station Holborn Tottenham Court Road. All accommodation offered by us is situated in zones 1 to 4. We advise our language students to buy weekly or monthly tickets which allow you to travel with the underground, the buses and the trains. The weekly prices we show here are approximate guidance prices, depending on the zone you travel through, and may change. You must anticipate the following prices when travelling in the following Zones:  
Zone 1 and 2: approx. 32€
Zone 1, 2, and 3: approx. 40€
Zone 1, 2, 3, and 4: approx. 45€
To buy a weekly or monthly ticket you will need a passport sized photo. We wish to further inform you that the London underground only runs until midnight!

Journeys from London airports to central London

You can buy tickets (also weekly tickets) for the London transport system (buses, underground, trains, 1/3 price reduction) comfortably online in advance around 60-21 days before your departure.

From London Heathrow (24 km)


Underground: Piccadilly Line (dark blue line)
Mon-Sat: 05:30-00:30
Sun: 07:00-23:30
Every 5 minutes
Journey duration: 45 minutes
Price: 5,-€

Bus connection: airport shuttle bus to different places in central London.
Mon-Sun: 05:30-21:45
Every 20-30 mins until 18:45, hourly after that
Journey duration: approx.: 90 minutes
Price: 15,-€ (to Kings Cross)
Train connection: Heathrow-Express to Paddington
Daily: 05:10-23:40
Every 15 minutes
Journey duration: 15-25 minutes
Price: 20,-€ (single) 37,-€ (return)


From London Gatwick (45 km)

Train connection: Gatwick-Express to London Victoria
Daily every 15 minutes
Journey duration: 30 minutes
Price: 17,-€;
train connection: Thameslink and Connex South Central to Victoria, London Bridge, Kings Cross
daily every 15 minutes: 40-50 minutes
Prices: 15,-€

From Stansted (Ryan Air) (60km)

From Luton (56km)

Train connection: Stansted-Express to London Liverpool Street
Mon-Fri: 06:00-00:00
Sat-Sun: 05:30-00:300
Every 15-30 minutes
Journey duration: 45 minutes
Price: 20,-€ (single), 34,-€ (return)
Train connection: Thameslink to Kings Cross
Daily every 15-30 minutes
Journey duration: 30-45 minutes
Price: 15,-€

Airport transfer
If you wish, we can also organise a taxi for you which will pick you up from any London airport (Heathrow, City, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton) or bus station (e.g. Victoria, Paddington, …).