Junior Accommodation in London

In our London programme for juniors, the young students can choose from two possible accommodation options. They can either choose to stay with a host family in London or in our beautiful campus residence.


Living with a host family is much more than just an accommodation. Here the young people get the unique opportunity to live in a British family and to witness first-hand the local "way of life". Students share a room, which has two beds and desks, as well as a closet with ample storage space for all their things.

Of course the family’s living room can also be used. Breakfast and dinner are taken together with the family and lunch is served in the school cafeteria. When the students go on a day trip, the host family will provide a packed lunch. The host families are carefully selected and are all located near the school. They are usually situated 10-30 minutes from the school and can be reached by either foot, car or public transport. A family member will always accompany the student(s) to and from the school.


The campus residence is for our international students and tutors. You will either be accommodated in single or double rooms in a very international environment. The big advantage of staying on the campus residence is obvious: there is always something going on and young people are at the heart of it. The bedrooms are just steps away from the common areas and the classrooms. In addition, all our participants can of course use all the facilities such as the games room, lounges, sports courts, swimming pool, DVD and computer rooms and much more.

Here it is easy to meet with peers from many different countries and make friends for life! Both breakfast and dinner are served in the school cafeteria. If the students are on a field trip then lunch can be obtained during the excursions.