Top 10 attractions in London

London Dungeon
Journey into the Dark Ages by visiting the London Dungeons. But beware: this is not for the faint hearted. Lifelike crafted wax figures as well as real actors will re-enact the old torture methods that were used to elicit prisoner confessions in earlier times.

Madame Tussaud’s
The waxworks in Madame Tussaud’s have everything from members of the Royal family to pop stars such as the late Michael Jackson and you can even come face to face with the waxwork of Whoopi Goldberg.

The London Eye
The London Eye offers a spectacular view to tourists when they take a ride on it. It is 135 metres high, making it the largest Ferris wheel in Europe. It is right on the banks of the Thames, near Westminster Bridge so that visitors can get a view of the whole city.

London is a shopper’s paradise where you can do many shopping tours. However, if you are limited on time, you should definitely not miss a visit to the Harrods department store on Brompton Street. The shopping temple, founded in 1834 offers everything that your heart desires. Food-lovers will enjoy the food department and fashion enthusiasts will find great pieces on the many floors. However, when at the check-out, be aware that you will need quite a full purse as shopping in this mall is not cheap!

Buckingham Palace
Money worries however will not be a problem if you visit Buckingham Palace. When the Queen is on vacation in Scotland in the months of August and September, the public can visit the staterooms for a fee however, in the remaining time, the palace can be visited free of charge from the outside.
Our advice: We recommend that you see the changing of the guard which takes place every day at 11.30 from April to the end of July. Otherwise, it takes place every two days.

Tower Bridge
The visit of the Tower Bridge is a great free activity. The powerful bascule bridge, spanning the River Thames, was opened in 1894, and still opens when large ships must go through it.

Hyde Park
For those calmer and more relaxed times, a visit to Hyde Park is a great way to enjoy good weather and have a picnic. It is the most typical sights of England.

Westminster Abbey
The historical floors can we walked on in Westminster Abbey. For in this church, the Kings of England used to be crowned in for centuries. An important place for students who attend English courses in London.

Big Ben
Among the other sights of London, Big Ben is a true landmark of the city. The name Big Ben actually refers to the heaviest bell in the impressive clock tower however is now used to name the whole building although officially it is called Elizabeth’s Tower.

The Shard
One of the newest buildings in the city is "The Shard", which means shard or sliver. The bold architectural design can be admired from the inside.
Our tip: Combine the tour of "The Shard" with a meal at the Chinese Restaurant Hutong, which offers a fantastic view from the 33rd floor.