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This website is run by Sprachdirekt GmbH, Munich, Germany, as an agency for booking trips. All queries, reservations and bookings by German speaking people will be executed and managed through this website.

Sprachdirekt GmbH
Schwanthalerstr. 5
80336 München
(Mo-Fr: 08.30am - 06.00pm)
Tel: (+49) 089 59945570
Fax: (+49) 089 599455711

Commercial register: München, HRB: 171712
Managing Director: Mark B. Holland
Tax ID No.: DE257773710


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§ General Information Obligation

(1)Service providers must keep the following information easily recognisable, immediately accessible and always available for business-like tele-media, generally for a fee:

1.The name and the address of where they live, for corporate entities the form of organisation too, the authorised representative and, if declarations are to be made about the company’s capital, the capital fund and the original capital, as well as the entire amount of all outstanding deposits, if not all deposits to be made in cash have been made,

2. Details which make quick, electronic contact and direct communication possible, including the electronic postal address,

3. If the service is offered or performed in line with an occupation which requires approval from authorities, details of the regulating authority responsible,

4. The Commercial Register, Register of Associations, Partnership Register or Register of Cooperatives where they are registered and the corresponding register number,

5. If the service is offered as part of ones occupation as such in Article 1 part d of the guideline 89/48/EWG of the council from 21. December 1988 about concerning a general regulation for the approval of the high school diploma which completes an apprenticeship of at least three years (ABl. EG Nr. L 19 S. 16), or as stated in Article 1 part f of the guidelines 92/51/EWG of the council from 18th June 1992 concerning a second general regulation for the approval of occupational certificate of competence in extension to guideline 89/48/EWG (ABl. EG Nr. L 209 S.25, 1995 Nr. L 17 S. 20), last changed by the guideline 97/30/EG of the commission from 20th June 1997 (ABl. EG Nr. L 184 S. 31), details about
a)To which board the service providers belong,
b)The legal occupational title and the state where the occupational title has been granted,
c) The designation of the professional law regulations and also how these can be accessed,

6. If they have an income tax identification number according to §27a of the income tax law, or a business identification number according to §139c of the general tax code, the details of this number,

7. For stock corporations, limited partnerships by shares and limited liability companies which are currently in administration or liquidation, information about this.
(2)Further obligation to inform according to other laws remains unchanged.

Limited liability/ data privacy statement

1. Limited liability
The contents of this website are created with the greatest of care. The provider makes no guarantee however about the correctness, totality and up-to-dateness about the content provided. The use of content of the website is at the risk of the user. Specifically named contributions give the opinion of the respective author and not always the opinion of the provider. There is no contractual relationship between the user and the provider through pure use of the website.

2. External links
This website contains links to third party websites (“external links”). These websites are of the liability of the respective businesses. The provider has checked the foreign content during the first linkage to the external links to see if there are any statutory violations. At this point in time there were no statutory violations to be seen. The provider has no influence whatsoever over the current and future design or the content of the linked sites. The creation of external links does not mean that the provider has made what is behind the links his own. It is not reasonable for the provider to constantly check the external links for statutory violation without concrete instructions. Upon knowledge of statutory violations however, such external links will be removed immediately.

3. Copyright and power protection laws
Contents published on this website are subject to German copy right and power protection law. Any usage not approved by German copy right and power protection law requires prior written consent of the provider or the respective holder of rights. This is particularly valid for duplication, adaption, translation, saving, editing resp. reproduction of content in databases or the electronic media and systems. Content and rights of third parties are labelled as such. The unauthorised use or passing on of individual content or entire pages is not allowed and is punishable. Only the production of copies and downloads for personal and private and not commercial use is allowed. The featuring of this website in external frames is only allowed with written permission.

4. Data protection

4.1 Information about access (date, time, page viewed) can be saved through visiting the provider’s website. This data does not belong to person related data, but is anonymous. It is exclusively used for statistical purposes. Transfer to third parties for commercial or non-commercial purposes does not occur.
4.2 Person related data that exceeds this is only created when you voluntarily give this in line with a query or booking.
4.3 We only use this person related data to answer your queries, to carry out a contract with you and for technical administration.
4.4 Naturally you may revoke the permission of using, handling and passing the data onto third parties for marketing purposes at any time by sending us a letter by post to Sprachdirekt GmbH, Schwanthalerstr. 5, 80336 München or by email at
4.5. For the rest, Sprachdirekt GmbH observes the legal data protection regulations (particularly the state data protection law) and keeps to the legal requirements. Due to this we will, for example, happily give you information at any point about the personal data saved about you.